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Smarter 5-pack
Marcio Felix
Worked better than anticipated

Its a great product either to take while at the gym or simply you need that extra focus and energy for your day

Overall i really liked it, but i found the gum to be too soft in the beginning and for some people might feel like a mouthful for the first minute
(i would love to see different flavours like spearmint instead of peppermint)

Smarter 5-Pack
Johannes Siebert

Smarter 5-Pack

For me, it doesn't do what it promises

I use the gum whenever I have a dip at work, and it works great. within 10 minutes I am alert and awake again. For me, it, unfortunately, does not work during sports. The gum doesn't give me extra energy and definitely doesn't work for five hours. It works for half an hour up to an hour, but that's it. Is it a great product? Yes, definitely. But for me, it doesn't do what it promises.