Different absorption channels  

There are different ways to get a boost of energy before a match or a training. Most caffeine products make a different journey through your body before the body is really able to take up the caffeine. An energy gum works better and faster than an energy drink, coffee or caffeine capsule. One of the main differences is the time it takes the body to take up the caffeine from these different products. The caffeine from energy drinks, coffee and caffeine capsules is admitted to the body via the intestinal tract, whereas the caffeine from energy gums is taken up via the mucous membrane in your mouth. As a benefit of this you will receive your energy boost a lot quicker when you take a gum like FIRST!


Absorbation-time of caffeine  

The caffeine from energy gum is absorbed by the body within 10 minutes, with coffee or energy drinks this can take up to 45 minutes, and with capsules on average even 60 minutes. In this infographic underneath you see the results in statistics.


A perfect dosage with FIRST energy gum

Caffeine capsules often contain a big amount of caffeine, this can cause heavy reaction or may cause insomnia. With energy gum you can easily guide your own dosages of caffeine, because the effect is different for everyone. This the reason why Formula-1 driver Max Verstappen rather chews on a piece of First Energy Gum than to take a sip of energy drink before starting a race. And he is not the only professional athlete to do so! Look at our FIRST Friends list this is a list full of athletes that use First Energy Gum.

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